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10" Personal Pie Special w French Fries and a Water Bottle


New Sesame Crust 18inch large Pizza Pie

Grandma Square Pie

8 slices square pie. Square pizza with a perfectly golden crust, topped with a rich and flavorful tomato sauce, mozarella and muenster cheese. Combination of crispy edges and the delicious sauce makes it a truly enjoyable culinary experience.

Family Pizza Special #2

1 classic 18" pie, 6 pieces garlic knots, large fries, bottle of water

18" Classic Cheese Pie

Our most popular cheese pizza pie

French Fries

Delicious French Fries: A Must-Try Side

Delicious French Fries: A Must-Try Side
When it comes to sides, our restaurant offers the best french fries in town. Hand-cut and perfectly crispy, our fries are the ideal complement to any meal. Whether you're enjoying a slice of pizza, a classic American burger, or a hearty Italian dish, our french fries are the perfect choice to complete your dining experience.

Convenient Pickup and Delivery Options for Pizza and More

Convenient Pickup and Delivery Options for Pizza and More
Looking for convenient pickup and delivery options for pizza, American, and Italian cuisine? We offer quick and easy online ordering for all your favorites, including pizza, pasta, burgers, and more. Enjoy the convenience of getting your favorite dishes delivered right to your door or picking them up at your convenience.

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